To take the land or the virgin lots through the construction of drainages, jars, pumping stations, internal roads, electrification, so that they are ready for cultivation.


Process in which the land is left ready for sowing, includes the following tasks:

  • Topography: Define the area, soil accidents and the viability of the crop to be sown.
  • Design: In the topographic survey and its projection.
  • Leveling: Definition of terrain slopes. .

Condition the land for the sowing of cane. Includes the following activities.

  • Separating Rakes: They remove the superficial layer of the soil, eliminating vegetation and residues not suitable for cultivation.
  • Polishing Rakes: Segment large pieces of earth (lumps) into smaller ones and facilitate leveling or furrowing.
  • Plow-Chisel: Break the soil to depths of 40 cm., To oxygenate it.
  • Subsuelo: Like the Chisel Arado breaks the ground; but at a depth greater than 60 cm.
  • Polished with Dredge: Crumble the clods to facilitate the furrow.
  • Grooved: Make the bed to plant the seed, which is manually or mechanically covered.

Management of the seedbeds and sowing of sugarcane depending on its variety and agro-ecological conditions, includes work of:

  • Provisioning
  • Bandereo of the batch
  • Distribution and accommodation of the seed
  • Seed cover and sprout irrigation