In Ingenio Carmelita S.A we consider education as a key factor for the development of the region…

By providing spaces for progress in education, the beneficiaries manage to expand their potential and opt for greater and better opportunities, becoming a valuable capital for the country.

Our conviction manifests itself in sustained work over time, which seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education and access to it in our neighboring communities, translating into concrete proposals that benefit students, teachers, their families and the region.

In the neighboring community, we have managed and supported the Educational Institution for 51 years Alfredo Garrido Tovar, recognized at the regional level for its academic results and since 2008 we support the articulation program for technical and technological secondary education, developed in agreement with the University Autónoma of Occident of Cali, within the framework of the quality, coverage and relevance of education.

Similarly, within this same framework and in strategic alliance with the University Autónoma of Occident of Cali, the Comfandi Compensation Fund and companies in the region, we participate in shaping the Technological and Technological Center of Higher Education of Tuluá, which began operations in January 2011 and seeks to provide young people in the region, especially those from strata 1 and 2, with access to higher education.