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About Us

Who are we?

We are one of the most important agro-industrial companies in the southwest of Colombia, with more than 70 years of experience in the market and we are dedicated to promoting the socioeconomic development of the region through the production of sugar and its derivatives.

It is a modern, dynamic and innovative industry, committed to the care of the environment through the efficient use of water resources from the cultivation, the care of river accounts, the increase of green harvesting, the generation of BioEnergy and the use of renewable fuels for the processing of its products, This is reflected in the sugar portfolio offered by Ingenio Carmelita, which is characterized by being more natural, of high purity and quality, with less processing than refined sugar, gluten-free and coming from genetically unmodified fields in the Cauca River Valley, we also produce honey, bagasse and renewable energy.

The support for the growth and development of our employees, under a strategic organizational culture, which achieves a balance between professional development and human focus, make Ingenio Carmelita an ideal place to work.

In the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, it supports actions that lead to the strengthening of educational quality and social welfare, to transform the lives of families and communities in the area of influence. 

Ingenio Carmelita is characterized for being a reference in the sustainable transformation of the countryside and the business development of its area of influence.

Ingenio Carmelita, a mill made with the heart.


We generate well-being for people, economic, social and environmental profitability, and we also contribute to the positioning of our partners, through a competitive development made from the heart.



We will be the reference managers for the sustainable transformation of the countryside and the business development of our area of influence.



Through a constant evolution in quality, innovation, social transformation and service attitude, knowing that the most valuable capital is our people and the good management we give to relationships.


All our actions must be comprehensive, fair and honest, backed by truthful, timely and understandable information, which ensures and demonstrates clarity and transparency to ourselves and to society.

Work In

We coordinate and integrate the collective efforts of our personnel to achieve the expected results, placing general interests above individual interests, generating the exchange of valuable relationships based on a spirit of service and solidarity.


Orientation to
Our Clients

We base our actions on knowing the needs and perceptions of our customers, building lasting relationships based on mutual trust, which are supported by providing products that meet their expectations.



We contribute to strengthen the coexistence with our environment, acting with respect and solidarity with all stakeholders that interact with the mill.

“At Ingenio Carmelita S.A., the success and good corporate image are based on organizational principles and values. These strengthen the ethical dimension of the organization, guiding the individual and professional actions of each employee linked to the company.



We recognize and accept unconditionally and absolutely that all people who interact with the Mill are worthy of being treated with value and respect.


Ingenio Carmelita S.A. develops its processes in a transparent manner, using resources exclusively for missionary purposes, being coherent between what it says and what it does, prevailing the collective interests over the particular.


Ingenio Carmelita S.A. recognizes and accepts the value of others, their rights, duties and dignity, being the basis for the construction of interpersonal, group, business and environmental relationships.

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Ingenio Carmelita S.A. values others for what they are and accepts with respect what is different, what is different and what is not the same as us.



Ingenio Carmelita S.A. keeps confidentiality and respect for internal information, ensuring the good name of the company, inside and outside it, making observations and suggestions to improve the quality of its products and processes.