Ingenio Carmelita S.A. is an agroindustrial company dedicated to the processing of sugar cane and the production and commercialization of high quality sugar and derivatives, which meets the specifications required of our stakeholders, we work for social commitment, environmental conservation, care of people and their environment, in accordance with current legislation, through the assurance and management of their processes, counting on qualified human talent and committed to continuous improvement, through the following actions: 

  1. Protect the environment, safety and health at work, prevent work and traffic accidents, occupational diseases, damage to property, environmental pollution, the proper use of resources and the impact on the quality of service in all the activities carried out, by all the collaborators, visitors, suppliers and contractors.

  2. Identify the dangers, evaluate and assess the risks that threaten the business management and that of our collaborators, promoting the active participation of COPASST and the emergency brigade, in all the company’s processes, defining security programs that tend to resist, mitigate and recover from the probability of their materialization.

  3. Identify environmental aspects and impacts, identify risks and opportunities in all company processes, defining programs in order to mitigate and recover from the probability of their materialization.
  4. Promote and strengthen the participation and comprehensive responsibility of all company members and stakeholders, through training activities, awareness and the development of programs that allow achieving high levels of quality, safety and health at work, road safety and environment.

  5. Guarantee the respect of its collaborators and other interest groups, avoiding discrimination and practices that violate the dignity of people, providing equal opportunities, professional promotion, ensuring the absence of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, origin, status civil, social condition or irregularities that violate Human Rights.
  6. Guarantee compliance with national, local and any other legal regulations signed by the company, implemented by national, departmental and municipal agencies as administrative entities, and strictly comply with what is established by the Fiscal and Judicial entities.

  7. Promote the continuous improvement of the integrated management system in accordance with the economic and technological resources assigned, in such a way that the integral performance of the organization is improved.

  8. Guarantee that the products made at Ingenio Carmelita are not genetically modified (Non-GMO) and are Gluten-free.


  • Business profitability.

  • Low cost policy of the organization.

  • Activities aimed at the quality of our product.

  • Sustainable practices with the environment making rational use of natural resources.

  • Achieve productivity levels through the management of technological resources and services.

  • Promote the development of the collaborator.