¡We have environmental policies that allow us to generate progress in a responsible manner with the environment!

Ingenio Carmelita S.A. company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of sugar and sugarcane derivatives, aware of its social commitment and environmental conservation, establishes as a guideline the rational and efficient use of natural resources, through the continuous improvement and innovation of its processes, in order to achieve the sustainable development of the region, complying with current environmental regulations. Thus, to ensure compliance with this policy, the Ingenio Carmelita S.A. commits to meet the following objectives:

  1. Implement and maintain the Environmental Management System according to the current needs and requirements of the Company, allowing the continuous improvement of environmental conditions and the quality of life of its workers.
  2. Maintain and control the processes and operational activities of the Company, through the identification and establishment of the environmental aspects and impacts that are presented, in order to implement the preventive, corrective and improvement plans, which responsibly contribute to reduce the negative consequences that are generated on the environment.
  3. Develop comprehensive waste management programs (Solid, Liquid), in order to establish prevention and improvement channels that allow us to evolve towards a better environmental performance.
  4. Contribute to the reduction of atmospheric emissions, through compliance with current environmental regulations, to develop clean mechanisms within the company.
  5. Comply with the legal requirements in relation to environmental aspects associated with the Company’s processes and products, through the adoption or optimization of technologies, techniques and methods to reduce, mitigate and control the significant environmental impacts generated on the environment.
  6. Promote and strengthen the participation and commitment of the entire community of the company, in the continuous improvement of environmental conditions, through training and awareness programs that lead to a better performance in front of our environment.

In order to comply with this internal policy and national and international regulations, the Ingenio Carmelita S.A has implemented within its productive processes the concepts of:

Producción Clean and Sustainable, through the generation of electrical energy through biomass, solid waste program and the correct management of these by decreasing the generation and building a correct disposition (Decree 4741 of 2005), reduction of the consumption of natural resources as primary inputs, adequate water management through recirculation and cooling system (decree 155 of 2004), reduction of the generation of environmental impacts to water and air with efficient mechanisms (resolution 909 of 2008).

Environmental education processes with the collaborators of our processes to improve the programs of:

  • Integral management of solid waste
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Efficient vector control
  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment and sections
  • Timely payment of fees, taxes, and contributions that correspond to us and that are invoiced by the corresponding environmental authority.

Ingenio Carmelita S.A also carries out activities with the communities of the sector in search of environmental improvement.

  • Support and monitoring of non-governmental associations that contribute in their actions to improve the environmental conditions of the region.
  • Training in solid waste and efficient water management to improve the conditions of the surrounding localities.
  • Technical support in the construction of companies in the communities of influence.