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Industrial Security


Roles & Responsibilities

The Role is the function that must be performed by a member of the work team of a process, such as approving, auditing, archiving, producing, serving, inspecting or coding.

Responsibility means that the employee has a commitment and obligation to something, i.e., a training manager will be responsible for bringing to fruition all the knowledge of the people under his charge.

Health and Safety at Work

In all companies, regardless of the number of people involved, it is essential to carry out and manage the company’s processes, which must be previously planned in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

The people that make up the company, which play a specific role and function, supervise the processes and measure the results obtained at the end of the processes, determining whether the objective has been achieved to a greater or lesser extent.(Reviso, 2018)


Videos de Capacitación

Encuesta de identificación de condiciones de salud SARS-CoV-2


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Formularios de Inducción

Formulario Evaluación-Inducción Y/O Reinducción De Seguridad Y Salud En El Trabajo

Formulario Identificación Y Actualización De Peligros Y Riesgos


Inscripción Contratistas

Para Ingenio Carmelita S.A, los contratistas y subcontratistas son parte fundamental de la cadena de valor para el cumplimiento de sus objetivos y metas. El presente formulario es una herramienta que permite generar trazabilidad y validación desde el Área de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo.

Organización, Orden Y Limpieza Con Las 9’s

Formato de reporte de actos y condiciones inseguras

¿Qué es un acto y condición insegura?

Acto inseguro: violación u omisión de una norma o procedimiento por parte del trabajador que aumenta las posibilidades que ocurra un accidente.

Condición insegura: situación intrínseca en nuestro ambiente de trabajo que aumenta la posibilidad que un accidente ocurra.


Protocolo De Bioseguridad Sars-Cov-2


Contamos con personal altamente capacitado para promoción de tu salud y seguridad en el trabajo.


En tiempos de la pandemia del Covid-19, implementamos medidas de bioseguridad para evitar el contagio del Covid-19, pensado en tu bienestar y en el resto de colaboradores.

Con el Corazón

¡Recuerda! El trabajo seguro es hecho con el corazón.

Integral Management System Policy


Ingenio Carmelita S.A. is an agro-industrial company dedicated to the processing of sugar cane and the production and marketing of high quality sugar and derivatives, which meets the required specifications of our stakeholders, we work for social commitment, environmental conservation, care for people and their environment, in accordance with current legislation, through the assurance and management of its processes, with a qualified human talent and committed to continuous improvement, through the following actions:

health and safety at work, prevent work and traffic accidents, occupational diseases, damage to property, environmental pollution, proper use of resources and affecting the quality of service in all activities carried out by all employees, visitors, suppliers and contractors.

Evaluate and assess the risks that threaten the business management and that of our collaborators, promoting the active participation of COPASST and the emergency brigade, in all the company’s processes, defining safety programs that tend to resist, mitigate and recover from the probability of their materialization.

Identify environmental aspects and impacts, identify risks and opportunities in all the company’s processes, defining programs to mitigate and recover from the probability of their materialization.

the participation and integral responsibility of all members of the company and stakeholders, through training and awareness-raising activities and the development of programs to achieve high levels of quality, occupational health and safety, road safety and the environment.


of its employees and other stakeholders, avoiding discrimination and practices that violate the dignity of people, providing equal opportunities, professional promotion, ensuring the absence of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, origin, marital status, social status or irregularities that violate human rights.

of the national, local and any other legal regulations subscribed by the company, implemented by the national, departmental and municipal agencies as administrative entities, and to strictly comply with the provisions established by the Fiscal and Judicial entities.

The continuous improvement of the integrated management system in accordance with the economic and technological resources allocated, in order to improve the integral performance of the organization.