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Carmelita Foundation

Who are we?

We are the entity that promotes socioeconomic development, human potential and environmental management in Valle del Cauca, created as part of the corporate social responsibility strategy of Ingenio Carmelita.


Our mill benefits close to 1,400 employees and their families (direct and indirect, most of them from the communities in which it operates, and the main interest is to generate instances that strengthen their professional and family growth, based on principles and values and teamwork, seeking greater efficiency to ensure permanence and growth over time while achieving a harmonious social and environmental welfare.

Benefits for 1,400 employees and their families

Where are we located?

  • 13,807 inhabitants
    65.44% of the population lives in rural and dispersed rural areas.
  • Municipality ZOMAC (Zones Most Affected by the Armed Conflict)
  • Main economic activities: agriculture, livestock, and mining.
  • Major natural, tourist, cultural and gastronomic attractions.

In the neighboring community we have been managing and financially supporting for 51 years the Alfredo Garrido Tovar Educational Institution, recognized at the regional level for its academic results, and since 2008 we have supported the program of articulation to technical and technological secondary education, developed in agreement with the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente de Cali, within the framework of quality, coverage and relevance of education.

+270 Current Students

+1500 Graduate Students

+500 Transportation Beneficiaries

+300 $M/Year Investment Development

Strategic Themes

Transformative Philanthropy

Social investment in closing gaps, building and strengthening social capital.


Construction of the social fabric (welfare, leadership, productive improvement).
Strengthening of the institutional framework and governance.

Facilitate access to the development of educational, sports and cultural activities through the provision of transportation services.


Programs for the development of human potential connected to knowledge networks.


  • Improvement of learning environments through support, financing and teacher training for the Alfredo Garrido Tovar Educational Institution.
  • Community empowerment.
  • Reconstruction of knowledge.
  • Teleprogress tools.


We prioritize the work for protection, rural development, conservation, regeneration, and mitigation of environmental impacts hand in hand with the community.


  • Watershed care
  • Community reforestation
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Cogeneración de energía a partir de biomasa del bagazo de caña.


Prioritization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Project Development